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Lawrence Klimecki, has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember.

His professional career began at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where he majored in illustration. His academic education was augmented with continued studies in typography, graphic design, and marketing and Christian imagery.

In the year 2000 Lawrence felt a call to the vocation of deacon and as his faith grew and deepened in formation, his art changed as well. He began to see how art can be used to convey Christian truths beyond merely illustrating bible scenes. After many years in the corporate world Lawrence decided to draw on his many years of freelance design and illustration experience and started “Studio Rampant.” Dubbed a “Catholic Design Firm” to reflect his growing involvement in the Church, Studio Rampant. In addition Lawrence began producing contemporary Christian art prints that drew on tradition, symbolism, and magisterial teaching. These prints are distributed through Gryphon Rampant, the publishing arm of Studio Rampant. Lawrence was honored to have his work featured in the inaugural national tour sponsored by The Foundation for Sacred Arts.

Lawrence is a popular speaker on “Faith and the Arts,” in October of 2008 he was chosen to give the keynote address for the annual retreat of the Ecumenical Officers Committee.

In June of 2008 Lawrence was ordained a permanent deacon in the Sacramento Diocese where in addition to his duties at The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, he works to promote a restoration of art to its’ traditional role in the church.

Deacon Lawrence is the founder of the Catholic Artists Guild, of the Diocese of Sacramento.

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